ODEP is an acronym for the ‘Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel’ or committee which sits bi- anualy to consider the clinical data submitted by various companies in support a good clinical track record. The panel consists of Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeons, respresentatives from NHS Supply Chain and Independent Business Consultants whose professional experience allows an informed contribution to the whole process. The categorisation of Implants is complicated and more information is available by following the link http://www.odep.org where you can search by product or manufacturer, perhaps following a discussion with your Consutant Surgeon and your recommended treatment pathway.

After the recent Spring 2014 Dataset submissions to ODEP, Symbios are pleased to announce new categorisations for 3 of their leading brands: The long established SPS HA stem qualifies for a 10B rating, whilst the SPS Modular stem and April Acetabular Cup both qualify for an impressive 3A rating-strong evidence of excellent clinical performance following scrutiny of National Joint Registry Data since April 2007. For example, The April Acetabluar cup with delta ceramic bearing, particularly suitable for young patients, reported a 98.1% survival at 4.25 years in a patient cohort with a mean age of just 59 years- in other words, a fit and active and high demand population. It is increasingly important that patients themselves contribute to their consultation process and the quality of infomation and an understanding of comparative data may well prove to be very helpful in agreeing on the right implant choice.

by Justin Quick- Managing Director

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