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CONNECT is an interactive web based interface which allows the surgeon to access a host of services provided by Symbios.

By accessing CONNECT, the surgeon can place an order for a CUSTOM hip, submit and edit patient details, specify his/ her implant needs and/ or implant performance expectations. The DICOM images taken from the ‘Protocol Specific’ CT scan can be uploaded through CONNECT and subsequently downloaded at a later date should these images wish to be re- visited.

A 3D pre- operative plan to assist the reconstruction of the difficult knee is becoming a popular option amongst our surgeon partners/ stakeholders.

Various reconstructive ‘philosophies’ are accessible through CONNECT, the preference for anatomic reconstruction in cases of constitutional deformity can be planned and the associated kinematics take into consideration through the CONNECT text dialogue, a communications facility for the surgeon and the assigned engineer.

The pre- operative plan for that complex CUSTOM case can be downloaded as a PDF and this document can be placed in the patients case notes, a useful accessory to any medico- legal requirements in this increasingly litigious society.

The full planning report is a incredibly useful inter- operative IFU tool and should be accessed in the operating theatre at the time of surgery to help optimise both implant performance outcomes and patient PROMS.

AT any time, the status of the manufacturing process can be accessed and searched, operation dates can be amended or even temporarily suspended without financial loss in order to deal with those unforseen circumstances often seen in a busy orthopaedic unit.