Symbios is delighted to announce the availability of an advanced technology to optimise outcomes in total knee replacement arthroplasty- the technology involves the 3D modelling of the knee joint reconstruction using KneePLAN proprietary software and patient specific instrumentation to optimise component positioning and sizing. Remarkably, the entire operation can be undertaken with fully disposable instrumentation which is packed and steralised for each individula patient at our Swiss manufacturing facility eliminating the risk of cross contaminatiion.

The early results in over 1,600 patients confirm high patient satisfaction scores (PROMS) vs. conventional instrumentation. The technology will be rolled out to UK implanting centres under the close clinical scruting of ‘Beyond Compliance’, the advisory committee operating under the remit of ODEP- the UK’s Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel.

Below, Mr David Shardlow, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from Yeovil District General Hospital enjoys the Marseille sights post ‘Peer to Peer’ clinical instruction under the watchful eye of Dr Jean- Pierre Francheschi of the Clinique Juge specialist sports reconstruction clinic, Marseille. Mr Shardlow is considering bringing this advanced technology to the South West for the benefit of its more discerning patient.

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