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Perhaps the most significant development in Total Knee Arthroplasty in more recent times has been the design, conception and commercialization of Patient Specific Single Use (disposable) Instrumentation which not only simplifies TKR surgery, but optimizes accuracy and reduces the length of surgery.

This technology is unique to Symbios and is supported by our propretary 3D pre- operative planning software- KneePLAN which allows us to optimise the planned reconstruction of the mechanical axis and manage the ‘compromises’ commonly challenging orthopaedic surgeons in their aim of restoring patient kinematics.

Much of this clinical validation work has taken place at our key reference center in Marseille under the direction of Dr. Jean- Pierre Francheschi who demonstrates this remarkable technology in the adjacent video clip.

The benefits of this technology for Total Knee Arthroplasty are significant in terms of optimised patient outcomes, safety and healthcare economics:

  • The entire implant catalogue is supported by our proprietary KneePLAN software
  • 3D reconstruction of the joint
  • The restoration of the mechanical axis
  • Special consideration given to the rotational alignment of the tibial tray
  • Optimised patella tracking
  • Personalised posterior slope
  • Restoration of the joint kinematics

Disposable instrumentation also adds a further tier of patient protection and risk management:

  • Minimised risk of cross contamination
  • Full and complete instrumentation check list at the outset of the surgical procedure

And the effect on the ‘per procedure’ cost is significant:

  • CSSD processing costs eliminated
  • Replacement/ refurbished instrumentation needs eliminated

There are very real and measurable ‘Operating Theatre Efficiencies’ to be gained:

total knee athroplasty

[Reference: Data collated from The BMI Meriden Hospital, Coventry between June 2016 and January 2017, an analysis of 43 patient data from a single surgeon series with an average procedure time saving of 32 minutes (29% of total procedure time) giving an additional daily income from tariff of £8,520 per theatre per day]

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