HipPlan 3D Planning

HipPlan® – 3D Planning software supports the entire Symbios Implant Strategy.

Our hip 3D planning software fully supports the company’s entire implant strategy for accurate pre- operative planning and reconstruction of the hip joint.

Developed over the past 9 years, involving our resident software engineers, the project has evolved from the vast experience Symbios has gained during the design, manufacture and implantation of over 19,500 custom hip prosthesis since 1989. Many of these cases being complex dysplasias, planned from CT scans. The reported results have been hugely encouraging, Wettstein et Al. reporting 100% survivorship at 94.9 months (CORR 2005), Argenson reporting 93% survivorship at 15 years in patients less than 50 years old (COOR 2009).

Validation of the hip 3D planning pre- operative planning process during routine 3D templating pre- operatively (JBJS- Br Vol. 91- B, No 3, March 2009), published over 90% reproducibility, Implant pre- plan vs. Implant actual using post operative CT scans. The software is affordable, transportable across multiple clinical commitments and a real alternative to navigated hip surgery optimising component positioning.

hip 3D planning

The SPS prosthesis, with a range of fixed CCD neck angle variations or Interchangeable neck/ trunion modularity and modular hard bearings is driving the pace of the software development programme.

The SPS implant range offers the surgeon unprecedented choice to accurately and optimally reconstruct the hip joint, minimising joint replacement complications through impingement, dislocation, offset and leg length discrepancies. The SPS THR system captures much of what ‘bespoke’ implants can offer, but in an affordable and convenient ‘off the shelf’ offering.

Professor Hedi Sariali now takes us through the   step by step 3D pre- operative planning process using HipPLAN™ software.

This footage was filmed in its entirety at HipPLAN 2018, a conference convened by Symbios UK in association with The Cardiff and Vale Orthopaedic Unit, the conference was held at the St David’s Conference Centre, The Principality Staium, Cardiff on the 26th January 2018:

JBJS- Br Vol. 91-B, No 3, March 2009
Over 90% reproducibility, Implant pre-plan vs. Implant actual using post operative CT scans was published.