Direct Anterior Approach

Symbios UK Ltd and Francis Lamont Innovations (FLi) have been working together to fulfill the aim of merging two very different but complimentary technologies in THR reconstructive surgery.

HipPlan® 3D pre- operative planning is a powerful software application used to optimise the reconstructive parameters of Total Hip Reconstruction- offset, version and leg length. Direct Anterior Approach is a modern minimally invasive surgical technique which reduces patient recovery times and minimises the patients hospital length of stay.

The merging of these technologies is an attractive proposition for the specialist arthroplasty surgeon to consider. The SPS implant design philosophy is complimentary, and represents the third and fundemental missing ‘piece of the jigsaw’ where these merging technologies are capable of enhancing the patient’s experience and optimising outcomes.

If you are interested in talking to us about Direct Anterior Approach and the merging of this technology with HipPlan pre- operative planning software, then please follow the links below which will allow you to peruse a number of interesting articles.

Direct Anterior Approach

FLOTE Universal Table Attachement