Radiographer and the team are key to the pre-operative planning using HipPLAN and KneePLAN 3D modelling software

The SI Radiographer and CT team play a vital role in the Symbios concept of Custom (Bespoke) implant design and manufacture. The quality of the DICOM images aquired during the Symbios specific low dose CT protocol are key to a succesful outcome. From the retro reconstruction of three series and a scout view, we can establish the esential requirements of the joint reconstruction which include:

  • The measurement of global, segmental and inter- articular leg length discrepancy
  • The BCP which allows us to measure both the helitorsion at the metaphysis and the anteversion at the femoral neck
  • The foot/ ankle axis
  • The monolateral series used to ‘map’ the intermedullary canal

As reported by Huppertz et al(1), ‘‘a mean effective dose of 4.0 mSv (SD 0.9 mSv) modeled by the BMI (p < 0.0001) was calculated’’ when using the HIP-PLAN® CT scan protocol procedure.

The published validation paper from the European Journal of Radiology can be downloaded by following the link below:

European Journal of Radiology

Please follow the links below to download the full PDF protocol document for the HIP:

HIP-PLAN CT scan protocol MKT

and for the KNEE:

KNEE-PLAN CT scan protocol MKT

Symbios Box

The 'Symbios Box' was developed to facilitate the fast and secure transfer of DICOM images directly from the hospital PACS system to our engineers in Yverdon, Switzerland