Custom Origin® Total Knee Replacement


Total knee replacement (TKR) involves replacing a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint. It is a routine operation for knee pain most commonly caused by arthritis.

More than 90,000 knee replacements are carried out in England and Wales each year, and this procedure provides satisfactory results in terms of pain relief and mobility restoration.

Origin® Custom prosthesis with KNEE-PLAN® technology

Symbios has developed a proprietary pre- operative planning software system- KNEE-PLAN® . This technology uses CT scan images of your knee to create a 3D computer reconstruction. This allows a 3D simulation of your knee to be modelled to determine your native anatomy and its bony contours. From this information, a Custom or ‘bespoke’prosthesis (the brand name being Origin® ) is designed. The custom prosthesis is the same shape as your native knee and is optimally sized and contoured to create a prosthesis that feels as ‘natural’ as it possibly can, carefully reproducing the balance within the soft tissues that surround the knee joint. Following the design, 3D-printed customized surgical guides are manufactured. These assist the surgeon to accurately position the implants intra-operatively. This process is specific to each patient contributing to much improved outcomes following TKR.

  • natural function
  • natural kinematics
  • reduced risk of post- operative prosthetic pain
  • preserved bone stock

This Origin®  Custom prosthesis is being introduced into the United Kingdom following release of the technology by the development group. This group, led by Dr Michel Bonin and Dr Ait Si Selmi at the Santy Orthopaedic Centre in Lyon, France, and Professor Carsten Tibesku in Straubing, Germany, presented their combined clinical experience at the Origin®  pre-launch closed clinical conference in Lyon on the 22nd June 2018.

Why a Custom prosthesis

The Origin®  Custom prosthesis was developed by Symbios to address patient dissatisfaction following TKR surgery. Peer reviewed literature suggests patient dissatisfaction can be as high as 20%, which is unacceptable in this day and age.

Furthermore, data from the National Joint Registry on Custom Total Knee Replacement (Custom TKR) shows a lower earlier revision rate of 0.5% at 4 years vs 1.9% for all other TKRs on the registry.

“Patient specific implants and instrumentation bring added value for the patient and surgeon alike. In my opinion, the precision and the 3-dimensional planning bring a real difference to the qualitative outcome following total hip and knee replacement surgery”.

Mr Anil Gambhir MBChB FRCS (Tr&Orth) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Origin® Custom Total Knee Replacement

A 'fully contoured' Custom component offering natural kinematics

The Origin® surgical procedure involves 'Patient Specific Instrumentation' or PSI

total knee replacement

Symbios and its Surgeon Partners

The technologies that Symbios use in the inception, design and manufacture of Custom implants are complex and based upon our proprietary software platform, namely HipPLAN® and KneePLAN®. Specific training in the use and scope of the software needs to be undertaken, and surgeon ‘User Group’ meetings are an extremely effective means of sharing surgeon’s experiences as we strive for ever improving post surgical outcomes. Symbios convene ‘User Group’ meetings annually and invite between 50- 60 of its surgeon partners to participate in formal presentations, case studies, a review of the literature and results from the UK National Joint Registry, the most comprehensive and wide reaching registry in the world. Scrutiny of clinical outcomes of this most up to date technology is further reported through the regulatory process known as ‘Beyond Compliance’.  

The Origin® Custom Knee implant design is a ‘partnership’ between the surgeon and the highly skilled Symbios engineer. This partneship will consider the most appropriate knee alignment strategy for each and every individual patient, the design will faithfully reproduce the patients bone contours, what we call a fully contoured prosthesis, the partnership will endeavour to balance the soft tissues surrounding the knee joint, closely replicating what we were all born with- reproducing our native knee alignment and soft tissue balance is paramount to success in this process.

Many of our surgeons are particularly skilled and experienced in this surgeon/ engineer partnership and the following links are designed to help patients orientate their way through this complex process and achieve the best possible outcomes:

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