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As the morphology of some patients’ hips does not allow the insertion of a standard cemented or cementless stem, Symbios has developed a Custom (bespoke) prostheses solution for a custom hip replacement, also considered as the ‘Tailor Made’ solution.

Starting from a CT scanner examination, a Custom prosthesis adapts perfectly to the wide range of femoral anatomical variations across the population and allows the patient to recover a perfectly normal quality of life

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Advantages of the Symbios System

Drawing upon 19 years of clinical experience involving the design and manufacture of over 21,400 Custom hip prostheses, Symbios has introduced the 1st system allowing total control of the 3 principle anatomical factors to reconstruct the hip joint. With a choice of either standard prostheses or the Custom (bespoke) option, allows the surgeon to effectively optimise the treatment and outcomes of all cases, from the simplest to the most complex.

Mr James Lewis, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon based at The BMI Goring Hall Hospital explains:

“Sophisticated 3D imaging and software has helped our understanding of the ideal geometry for both socket position and the variables in stem placement. It may sound simple but putting the socket in the right place and in the right angles combined with the stem in the correct place along with what I will term version matching means the new hip is gemoetrically matched to how the old hip was. This may explain the differences in outcome between surgeons. When data is compared and one surgeon has better outcomes, the question arises- what is it that he is doing that makes the difference? Discussions indicate that it is geometric reproduction with so called anatomic (natural) socket position, accurate stem insertion and ball geometry all restore leg length, offset – which is the lever arm for muscles to work at their optimal length- and version – this is somewhat similar to offset but in the front to back plane again directly influencing the muscle orientation”

Mr Lewis further confirms:

“A Custom hip reproduces the geometry all of the time by its very nature, one of the surgeons roles is to to reproduce the geometry in all the planes using the multitude of available options with quality standard hip replacement”

The Symbios system consists of 3 elements:

  • 3D planning software: HipPlan
  • Adapted implants: SPS, SPS Evolution and Custom
  • A specific surgical technique: reliable and reproducible positioning of the implants

Click here to get the expert view of Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon, Mr Paul Jairaj, London Sports Orthopaedics- Mr Jairaj explains the considered rational behind ‘Custom’ manufactured implants accross the patient population.

Patient benefits

The implants are fitted as pre-planned. In each case, the surgeon can simultaneously check the length of the leg and the femoral offset against the pre- plan, and orientation of the ball- head, thus minimising the likelyhood of dislocation.

Mr Warwick Radford, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, discusses his approach to hip replacement surgery and states that positioning and orientating components correctly is key to successful surgery. Mr Warwick Radford explains

Professor Tim Board from Wrightington Hospital, the Internationally recognised Centre of Excellence for Orthopaedic Surgery explains: “Custom implants are incredibly useful for the complex hip replacement patient. All the planning is done in 3D before the operation which makes surgery quicker and more reliable. My experience with such cases has led me to use custom implants in more straightforward cases to reliably correct the mechanics of the hip and to achieve an ideal fit of the implant”

Professor Tim Board MB ChB (Hons), BSc (Hons), MRCS, MSc (Orth Eng), FRCS (Tr&Orth) Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon

Sport and Active Leisure Pursuits

Patients will be able to return to their favourite sport or activity following a period of rehabilitation and return of muscular function.

During the rehabilitation process, once the stage characterised by post-operative pain has passed, patients will be allowed to walk on a treadmill or to use an exercise bike or a “stepper”. The most risky sports are those that can cause violent shocks on the joint surface, due either to a fall or to repeated high-energy impacts.

Before returning to any sport, please discuss it with your surgeon, who will explain the limitations offered to you by your new implant.

Custom Symbios prostheses are especially indicated for those who want to engage in considerable levels of activity, as they are designed to support high levels of stress.

Mr Stephen Jones, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cardiff, adds “I use custom-made implants for certain patients. The rationale for this is particularly when there is a real patient benefit. The most common example in my practice would be for patients with femoral deformity from previous surgery or trauma. In such instances a straight stem may be challenging or the patient anatomy and the use of a bespoke custom-made device might actually simplify the procedure, limiting risk of complication and complexity.”

SPS® Custom

Custom Hip Replacement
From its results published 15 years postoperatively, the CUSTOM HIP™ stem has demonstrated an especially effective response in the treatment of complex indications, such as severe dysplasias or young patients. You therefore have an elegant and safe solution for treating these highly specific and difficult indications.

SPS® Custom- "we are all anatomically different, one size does not fit all"

Our Custom Hip prosthesis is based upon the 3D analysis of each and every patients's individual anatomic needs. Our aim is to restore the patient's native anatomy.

'Custom Hips' have shown excellent published clinical outcomes at 15- years

A Custom implant optimises stability and soft tissue balance