The BMI group, a private provider of healthcare facilities up and down the country recently announced the completion of an ‘Orthopaedic Improvement Programme’ which BMI says is in response to the need to reduce ‘total epoisode costs’ of a total hip or knee operation. BMI’s intention to rationalise and restrict a consultant’s particular implant choice is part of that cost reducing exercise. Symbios offer the very best technology in ‘Custom’ or bespoke implant designs, as well as a catalogue of standardised implant options all supported by the company’s 3D pre- operative modelling software, a package based upon the images aquired by a CT scan, the model allows the consultant surgeon to carry out a ‘virtual surgery’ prior to actual surgery therefor optimising reconstruction of the hip or knee joint whilst pre- empting any potential pitfalls involved with the up- coming surgery.

Our concerns are that patients will no longer have access to this technology through BMI hospitals, and will subsequently be denied the most advanced technology for optimised hip and knee joint reconstruction.

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