Monthly Archive: November 2019

What is an alternative to a standard hip replacement?

By Lesley Anderson - 28th November, 2019
The alternative to a standard hip replacement is one that is custom made to fit your body. Custom implants are made using very precise measurements from scans of your joints and fitted by an orthopaedic surgeon in the same way as a standard hip replacement. Our colleagues at Carrothers Orthopaedics wrote the following article on […]

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When is a hip replacement necessary?

By Lesley Anderson - 26th November, 2019
When is a hip replacement necessary? A hip replacement is necessary when the patient and their surgeon agree that a hip replacement is the only way to relieve pain and/or return mobility to the patient. The most common reason for a hip replacement is osteoarthritis. There are commonly agreed signs that you may need a […]

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Bristol Hip Arthroplasty Course- The Zenith & Watershed in the Treatment of the Hip

By Justin Quick - 15th November, 2019
Treatment of hip dysplasia Another excellent educational programme at this years meeting was delivered to an attentive audience of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, associated clinical specialities and academia. The venue once again was the Bristol City Center Marriott Hotel, Mr Callum McBryde from the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham delivered an authoritative presentation impressing upon all […]

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